Firefly Yoga offers a large range of yoga classes to suit your practice. With over 60 classes a week available between our two locations, our studios provide a range of yoga that will suit you and your schedule. We offer several gentle, moderate, and rigorous classes with temperatures varying from unheated to 95 degrees. All of our classes welcome all levels - you will find that we have students who have just started their journey practicing with seasoned yogis. Our instructors are highly qualified and able to give variations of different yoga postures to suit your needs. 


Doing yoga has been one of my biggest fears because I’ve never done it before though I’ve always worked hard to stay fit. Since taking on the challenge, Firefly has given me an opportunity to conquer my fear and work on new goals. My body has never felt better! All the instructors have been amazing, especially Charles and Adam. I’m am so grateful for this opportunity.
— Dennis Embree
I have been attending a Boston yoga studio known for their instructors for several years. Just started at Firefly Westwood and I am so grateful to instructor Kristen Keating and so blown away by her energy, positive tone, and technical instruction. The classes are powerfully impactful and helping me discover my spiritual core...
Thank you
— Danny Perry
Over the course of my hockey career, one of my biggest challenges was dealing with the constant soreness from playing and training. Since discovering Firefly Yoga Studios, I have been able to train harder than ever while reducing the aches and pains that used to limit me. Thanks to the excellent instructors and team at Firefly, I feel better than ever. I highly recommend yoga at Firefly for anybody who is looking to feel the difference.
— Charlie Coyle, Forward for Boston Bruins