What our students are saying about us…

I just absolutely love your studios. Such a very friendly and enjoyable experience. I believe I’ve been able to practice with almost all your instructors and they are just truly amazing and unique in their own way.
— Kenny Martin
Very clean facility and knowledgable teachers with a wide range of variety between different classes and instructors.
— Sabrina Roche
I find the classes and teachers very friendly. I also love being able to book online. I have recruited several friends to join me.
— Jill Courville
Everyone has been amazing! I couldn’t be happier with Firefly and will continue my practice there for years to come :)
— Katherine Renaud
I love Firefly. I did the $30 for 30 days March 2018 and keep coming. Gorgeous space and great teachers...
— Kathleen Berney
This studio has both exceptional facilities and staff/teachers. I would recommend this place to anyone looking to try yoga as everyone there is extremely friendly and willing to help. Firefly provides a wonderful and welcoming atmosphere. Instructors are fantastic as they are highly experienced and very patient. Even if you’re not familiar with yoga or at the beginner level, instructors encourage everyone to do their best. I absolutely love Firefly!
— Joanne Abi-Jaoude
Friendly staff. Lots of options for classes at different times, different styles and different instructors. I really like that it’s just a yoga studio, not a yoga class in a gym atmosphere.
— Kathleen Dias
If you’re questioning whether to do or don’t, just do it!
Between the many class offerings and instructors, you’re bound to find a class that’s just perfect for you.
Experience is never an issue. Whether you’re a first-timer or have been practicing forever, Firefly is a welcoming place to be.
— Angela LaCivita

Tuesday session at Westwood was my 1st yoga class (ever). Excellent instructor. Basic moves which allowed me to follow along. Slept very well that night. I’ll be back.
— William Lestan
Firefly Yoga Studios is great - clean, friendly, relaxed and lots of class options. The teachers are wonderful.
— Kim Mellen

Ready to get started? Try 30 Days of Unlimited Yoga for just $30

If you are new to Firefly Yoga Studios, you can enjoy 30 contiguous days of unlimited classes at a special rate so you can explore every class and teacher that we have on our regular schedule without worrying about how many classes you are taking. This offer is valid across both our Foxboro and Westwood studios. (pass may not be extended, must be 16 years of age or older, other restrictions may apply)

I love the early morning 6-7 AM classes, and particularly the encouraging and supportive style that Kate and Danielle use as teachers. I like the smaller environment at Firefly and the less crowded classes than I’ve had at many other studios. I’ve been coming here for probably five years, and never once have I felt like people are competing with each other in class, it is a really nice vibe and keeps me coming back.
— Wende Malster
Great place and great atmosphere. Would highly recommend.
— Jeff Franklin
I have been practicing yoga at Firefly for 6 years. I always feel completely welcome there if I take a class weekly or if I skip a few weeks and return I feel welcome always. The instructors are very knowledgeable and challenging but at the same time ensure you know you are to practice within your own comfort zone if you wish. The location is key for me to attend yoga during my work lunch hour. Thank you Firefly!
— Kerrie Gallagher
Can’t say enough great things about the Firefly yoga studios. Everyone is incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, patient, and welcoming. And both studio locations offer a variety of classes, teachers, and times which makes multiple classes during the week convenient and easy to work into my schedule. I started my yoga journey at Firefly during a 30-day educator’s special 5 years ago, then joined their unlimited classes payment plan and i’ve never looked back. I just smile and shake my head sometimes when I think to myself “What took you so long?”
— Brenda Mosetich
Firefly is a comfortable, beautiful studio with wonderful professionals running everything smoothly. I feel welcomed, challenged and nurtured here.
— Nadine Mullins
I am just recently getting back into yoga and truly enjoy the classes and teachers. I can go at my own pace and don’t feel intimidated. This is a wonderful yoga studio. I highly recommend going here.
— Stacy Quinn
I really Love firefly yoga. The instructors are excellent. They really know how the body works and teach you all about how the breath and movement flow together. It is a mental, physical, spiritual workout every time you are there. The studio is fabulous. If anyone asks me about Yoga I always recommend firefly. A Great community Really!!!
— Jayne Thrasher