Join highly trained teachers Esther Hogan, Irene Kam, Elizabeth Crehan, and Tricia Cunniff for the Firefly Yoga certified 200 teacher training! Our 200- and 300-hour RYT have over 20 years experience between them and want to pass this valuable knowledge on to you!


Elizabeth Crehan

Elizabeth started her yoga journey in 2001, after the events of 9/11. She began with meditation, which quickly led to her to world of yoga asanas (poses). Elizabeth found that the dynamic, dance-like movement of Vinyasa Yoga called to her, became certified in 2012, and has been teaching consistently since March 2012. Elizabeth credits her continued love of yoga practice, education, and inspiration to her trainings and classes with Tim Kelleher, Ame Wren, David Vendetti, and Katie Leiberman.

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Esther Hogan

Esther began a yoga practice in 2001 but it wasn’t until she took a heated power yoga class in 2006 that she became hooked. The physical, emotional and spiritual shifts she experienced made her want to experience more and led her to become a yoga teacher. Esther has trained in Level 1 Baptiste Power Yoga in 2011 and in 2012 became a 200hr certified yoga instructor. She takes inspiration from a variety of teachers including Baron Baptiste, Bryan Kest and Seane Corn.

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Irene Kam

Irene started her yoga practice in 1997 to ease shoulder and neck tension from work.  She found that an asana practice helps to calm her mind and find purpose in all actions.  She continued her practice and became interested in Teacher’s Training to learn more. She recently completed a 300 RYT with Down Under and continues to learn from Natasha Rizopoulos and Barbara Benagh.  


Tricia Cunniff

Tricia began her yoga practice in 2009 as a way to reconnect to herself.  Practicing a variety of yoga styles has taught Tricia how to tune in to what she needs out of her practice from day to day. In that, she found her true healing space in a restorative yoga class with Nicole Clark. After completing her teacher training in 2016, Tricia began studying closely with Nicole in her mentorship program and assisting her classes to better understand the Power of Touch. Tricia continues to develop the way she teaches with her hands and believes that it can bring wholeness to a practice. In Tricia’s classes, you’ll find the opportunity to slow down and connect to yourself in a safe and supported way.